We are pleased to announce that Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) has adopted the following resource to help you in your preparation for the NCLEX-RN® .


Transitioning to the NCLEX-RN®: An Interactive Online Study Guide is designed to assist nursing candidates in preparing for the National Council Licensure Entrance Exam (NCLEX-RN®).  

The study guide has been prepared by an experienced nurse educator who has had extensive experience in preparing both new and repeat writers of both the previous Canadian Registration Nurse Exam (CRNE) and the current NCLEX-RN®.

*As a registered SCBScN Student you will be able to access this online interactive study guide for 6 months at no charge.

** BONUS – After you have completed the modules you will have access to our NCLEX-RN® CAT Exam Simulator and a 120 question Pharmacology Quiz.

    CAT EXAM Simulator Features

1. Adaptive testing algorithm – questions increase or decrease in difficulty just like the NCLEX-RN® exam
2. Exam will end at 95% confidence level
3. Exam contains same percentage of questions from content areas as the NCLEX-RN®
4. 75-265 questions
5. 6 hour time limit
6. Variety of question types – MC, sorting, multiple select, audio, visual
7. Summary score in each of the 8 content areas upon completion

How to Access

  1. Register in our backoffice area and bookmark the login page (link below)
  2. In the registration fields please choose either Saskatchewan Polytechnic or University of Regina from the Institution menu
  3. Once you have completed the registration you will be able to see the course catalogue.  
  4. Choose the following-  NCLEX-RN®: Interactive Study Guide – SCBScN Students
  5. Once you start the course you will have access for 180 days (6 months)
  6. Each time you login the system will remember where you finished off in your last session.
  7. All material is copyrighted – You can choose to print off material for your own preparation.
  8. Please contact admin@rnstudyguides.ca if you have any questions or technical issues.

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